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Will Clark

Will grew up in New Orleans hunting for doves and ducks and fishing for speckled trout and redfish. Now he loves all kinds of hunting. Whitetail deer is now his favorite but ducks and doves are right up there. He does it all -- bow, rifle, shotgun, crossbow, and pistol. He would rather be outside than in the house. He still works quite a bit in baseball as a special assistant for the San Francisco Giants helping with hitting.


Duck Down Waterfowl

Duck Down Waterfowl (DDW) is an all Louisiana waterfowl hunting DVD company that strives in bringing the best action and advice for waterfowl hunting to the viewer. To learn more about their group, check out or you can contact them via email at


Brad Whitehead

Brad Whitehead is a crappie guide on Pickwick Lake. He started out fishing at the age of 9 with his Granddaddy on Wilson and Pickwick Lakes. He has been "hooked" ever since. He fishes for all kinds of fish -- bass, crappie, name it. He began guiding about 14 years ago. He also holds a certified United States Coast Guard Master Captain's license. During the winter months, he usually duck hunts with one of his sons. He has found that having quality apparel for duck hunting is like having quality tackle for fishing. For further information or to contact me regarding a crappie trip, please call 256-483-0834.


Kristie Chau

Kristie Chau grew up in Bowdon, Georgia on 150 acres with a 32-acre lake so she was pretty much in the boonies her entire life. She started out fishing with her father when she was 10 years old. After having the thrill of pulling in a large mouth bass she was hooked! Her hunting started with rabbits and training beagles. After that, hunting was in her blood and she continued to grow. Over the past 17 years, she has hunted whitetail, elk, turkeys, bear, coyotes, geese, divers, puddle ducks and numerous other game, but feels hunting waterfowl is one of the best hunting experiences. Kristie is also the mom of two boys and tries to involve them with everything outdoors.


John Akehurst

John Akehurst started hunting with his father at an early age. Building deer stands and waterfowl blinds. Late nights making new silhouettes out of wood and full bodies out of tires and hose. These where the decoys of choice due to the cost. His Dad at one time had bought about 2 dozen shell decoys to intersperse between the homemade "junkyard rig". Many memories of sitting in a pit or in a blind or deer stand with his dad are etched into his mind. Some, even sitting on his mom's lap in a pit while his dad and his two older brothers would fill their limits of geese on the famous Eastern Shore of Maryland. He recalls shooting his first goose at the age of nine while walking thru the field of decoys with his dad on their way in for lunch. Many memories will always be with him. Now the time has come where John makes new memories and shares the love of hunting, the outdoors and the Creator with his son, and many others who go with him. Most any weekend and any other chance he gets during the season, John can be found in a pit or layout blind with calls in one hand and gun in the other looking for the thrill of viewing cupped wings and feet down as geese begin to touch down into the decoys. John is the president of A Higher Calling Huntin’ Team, a Maryland based non profit organization that promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ thru hunting to the community. He is the Maryland State Representative for the Christian Waterfowler’s Association, Pro-staffs for Muddy Water Camo, Speh Custom Knives and Down Wind Scents. His love for the Creator is expressed as much as possible. His thoughts and hunting experiences are also shared in the magazine: Maryland Hunting Quarterly.


Matthew Rhiem

Matthew Riehm was born in Ozark, Alabama, but was raised in Washington State and now lives in Midland, Georgia. Since a very young age, Matt began heading to the field with his dad. It was his dad that taught him everything he knows when it comes to hunting and fishing. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we are glad to have him as a pro-staffer! Matthew is happily married with two children, and is a veteran of the United States Air Force having served his country proudly! Some of Matthew’s greatest moments in the field are when he gets the opportunity to pass on his knowledge to others. He operates his own business “Rods N’ Wings Outdoors” where he builds custom fishing rods and game calls. His love and passion for the outdoors goes far beyond imagination. When he is not in his shop building top of the line American made products, he dedicates his time by taking veterans and youth outdoors to pass on his knowledge.


Matthew serves as a guide for Wounded Warrior duck hunts with N.E.AR Ducks club in Pocahontas, Arkansas which have been filmed by Silent Draw Outdoors and shown on The Sportsman’s Channel. Matthew also competes in duck, goose, and turkey calling competitions during the off season as well as instructs others on different hunting methods, calling techniques and decoy setup. His love and passion for the field as well as others, is why we are happy to have him on our team.


Ryan Perry

Ryan Perry grew up in Colorado and started hunting at age 5 with his dad and grandpa. Elk hunts were his primary hunting opportunity until his 20's when he became a waterfowl addict. He has since started his own call company Blind Shot Calls and spends as much time as possible mentoring youth hunters in New Mexico with his dog Athena. When not hunting Ryan is either shooting archery or fly fishing for tiger muskie. Ryan is on pro-staff for Muddy Water Camo, field staff for Flambeau Outdoors, and field staff for Spectra Shot.


Tim Sallee

Tim Sallee was first introduced to waterfowling as a youth minister 28 years ago in his home town of Fort Smith, AR through one of the kids in the group. After his first hunt, even though he missed every duck he shot at, he was hooked for life. After introducing his brothers and nephews to waterfowling in 2002, he and his younger brother Anthony talked about forming a type of Fellowship of Christian Athletes for waterfowlers. They kicked around a few names and drew up a logo or two, but never really followed up on the idea. In 2009, after a Wild Game Dinner at the church, he saw first hand the impact of bringing sportsmen and women together for fellowship as well as a positive faith message. He felt at that time that he should proceed with forming the Christian Waterfowlers Association with the purpose of preserving our Christian waterfowling heritage. Since that time the CWA has launched some 40 chapters in 15 states and is still growing. In 2014 they will hold their 5th annual International Waterfowl Festival & Outdoor Expo in Siloam Springs, AR. Over the past 4 years thousands have attended from 19 states and Canada with many lives impacted with the good news, the Gospel of Christ.


Tyler Tyndall

Tyler Tyndall is from a small town in the old Tar Heel state called Kinston. He is currently a full time student at Western Carolina University studying construction management and is also a brother of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Growing up in an agriculture town, he was bred to hunt since the day he could hold a gun. He says his is granddad is his greatest hunting influence because he took him deer hunting all the time (even though he slept through most of it). He began duck hunting in high school with a group of friends, and although not shooting anything the first time out, the thought of being in the swamps and on the open water appealed to him and he was hooked. It quickly became his passion and he loves every minute of it. He hunts all up and down the east coast of North Carolina and up through Virginia with his good friends at Swamp Jumpers -- and as far west as China Grove, NC with his brothers. He loves the sport and the fellowship it brings with his heavenly father, family, and friends. He has a lab named Tanner, his hunting buddy for the last five years, and he loves taking him into the outdoors.


Travis Dixon

Travis was born and raised in eastern South Dakota and has been a lifelong hunter. He comes from a long line of hunters where hunting and the outdoors is a way of life, not just a hobby. His earliest memory of the hunting world was when his Dad and uncle returned from a duck hunt. His uncle gave him a duck and said to hide it. What’s a four year old gonna do? Hide it. In a dresser drawer. His Dad found it later…much later. And so his passion of hunting and the outdoors started. Growing up he hunted pheasant, waterfowl, deer, and small game. Upon graduating from high school, he joined the military where he spent ten years in the military both on active duty and with the South Dakota National Guard. During that time he was deployed for operations in Iraq -- Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom I-II. After exiting the military he spends as much time in the field scouting and hunting as he can. He hunt snows and Canadian geese as well as ducks. Along with three months or more of waterfowl seasons annually, he hunts predators from early fall till spring.


Cam Pauli

"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.” ― Aldo Leopold

My infatuation with the outdoors must be found in my DNA, for I have no recollection when it started. As a small child, my dad took me on many adventures around the local ponds and woods. There, I fell in love with the sight of a skein of geese breaking the fog, the sound of a bale of turtles ditching their sunning rocks, and the touch of the smooth bark of red osier dogwood. This passion for wildlife and conservation eventually led me to take up a lifestyle that revolved around hunting. Because of my interests as a passionate sportsman, I earned a degree in environmental sciences and have worked for many companies in the outdoor industry, such as the Sportsman Channel and Delta Waterfowl Foundation. Currently I am employed by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance. My main focus, when it comes to hunting, is waterfowl. In 2011, I brought a female chocolate lab puppy into my life, and named her Lily. Lily made a huge impact not only on my hunting career, but I also credit her with saving my life. You can read the full story on my blog: A Hunting Dog Saved My Life.


Del DelMastro

“Del” DelMastro started bow hunting small game animals, using a recurve bow, at the age of 15. Around 1970 Del switched over to a compound bow and continued hunting in the woods of Connecticut. He became one of Connecticut’s first archery industries sponsored Pro-Staff bow hunters in the early 1990’s. He has bow hunted in numerous countries and taken many big game animals with his bow and arrow. He has written articles, as well as having had articles written about him and his many adventures. Del has numerous Pope and Young animals to his credit and is a regular member of the Club. You can find him at most East Coast Sportsman shows doing seminars on many archery and bow hunting topics, and also as a featured speaker at Cabelas in East Hartford, Connecticut. Still residing in Connecticut with his wife Judi, Del is a Senior Archery instructor for the State of Connecticut and former president of the United Bowhunters of Connecticut.


Carl Goss

Carl Goss lives and hunts in the Mississippi Delta (Tallahatchie county). He is married to his beautiful wife (Ashley) and has two beautiful daughters (Adalyn & Avery). He began hunting with his father before he could walk -- maybe even crawl. He has hunted and fished the MS Delta and hills all my life and it's something he lives for! He also loves to fish through the spring getting after the crappie and hand grabbing some big catfish in the summer! He hunts a little of everything from doves to deer to hogs to turkey but nothing compares to ducks! He began to really get into waterfowl when he became a teenager and it quickly became his favorite! He will get after the bucks in the evenings but he loves the crisp mornings and the whistling of wings with gunpowder in the air! Duck hunting is a passion he could never let go of! Carl is also a member of the Mayday Custom Calls pro staff. He loves to share the feeling he has for it with others, especially the youngsters. He looks forward to sharing his passion with y'all soon!


Johnny Wink

Johnny Wink has owned Megabucks Duck Guide Service since 1979. His love for hunting and the outdoors brought him to this career, but over the years he has learned that it's more about the hunters than himself. He enjoys being there to see kids take their first goose or duck and to this day counts his blessings that he gets to see God's work every morning when the sun comes up. He strives to make his trips all about his hunters and takes extra steps to make sure they all have a good time. He has hunters that have come back for 2 and 3 generations and understands the value of family time in the outdoors. He is thankful to be a duck guide in Morehouse Parish, LA. For more information, call him at 318-669-3757.