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About Us

At Llano Creek, we strive to provide the outdoor enthusiast with apparel and gear that is comfortable, durable, affordable, and innovative. 

Innovation is why we teamed with the folks at Clear Image Camo.  Not many camo companies have patents for how they make camouflage, but US # 8,971,661 B2 was issued to Muddy Water Camo, LLC., dba Clear Image Camo in March 2015, and we cant wait to see what they come up with next! 

Muddy Water was the first pattern to use water and reflections as the background, and Timber Tantrum continued that theme for the waterfowler that hunts in flooded timber.  Clear Image Camo continues to produce and market patterns that are on the cutting edge.  New NfOAKus™ (pronounced “in focus”) is a pattern designed for deer and turkey hunters that can be used in all types of settings and surroundings, and is getting a lot of recognition for its versatility on the ground and in the treestand. 

Durablility is something that all hunters require from their gear and apparel.  As hunters, we have a passion for the outdoors that takes us into all types of terrain, and we all have a “do what it takes” mentality to accomplish our goals.  We expect our gear and our apparel to live up to the rigors and stress that surpass the ordinary.  That’s why we at Llano Creek believe in guaranteeing our products 100% against material or workmanship defects.  If its built right, it will last!  We also put our Llano Creek stamp of approval or “Branded” mark on certain items.  If you see this mark on one of our items, it means it has been severely abused during field tests and approved by the Llano Creek staff as an item that goes beyond the norm in durability and performance.

Comfort is something that goes lacking in a lot of apparel, especially outerwear.  We cut our garments full, with extra long sleeves and tails in order to fit as many body types as possible.  Wide shoulders and a full cut where the sleeve meets the body are essential for a full range of movement for archery hunters and wing shooters alike.  Long tails and sleeves are a must for the taller hunter, and a full cut in the body…well, lets just say we all need it as some point…

Affordability ,value is a better term for what we try to provide.  We are not the cheapest brand on the market, but we feel that when you compare features, innovation, quality, and comfort, we provide the best overall value for apparel and gear on the market today.

Sizing: We make clothes to fit hunters. Our jackets are full cut, long tailed designs to maximize mobility and comfort. Please look below our size charts to determine your best fit.